Sorry folks, my bad…

What Have I done???

What Have I done???

I feel the need to repost here concerning the prior post that upon second reading seemed like I inferred that no one wants to talk to me any more and that there are certian people out there that are negligent in calling me. That surely was not my intent.

I was attempting to overblow a situation to make a comment on the state of communication as a whole in our society today, not a slam against my friends and blog readers for not keeping in touch. Obviously attempting to use sarcasm, and faux chastisement, to put forward my opinion failed miserably and upon second reading, I realize there are some examples and wording that could’ve been taken personally by some, and I am most definitely contrite in saying that I should have edited more throughly.

So, there’s only so many ways to say it: SORRY FOLKS! My Bad. Wont happen again. Please realize that this blog is just getting it’s legs and whereas in the past I’ve posted personal perpectives on my life, I’m trying to go for a broader range now, and the next subject I hope will not be so caustic amongst the people I care about.

That being said, please continue to visit the blog. Please! It can only go uphill from here and I’m really trying to start somehting worthwhile.

Thanks for your continued (reader/friend)ship.



~ by jyhash on February 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sorry folks, my bad…”

  1. HAHAHAHA! I forgive you Jay. I wasn’t that offended by your last post. I was more amused at the irony of your words. I will continue reading regardless, no matter how silly I think your ramblings may be. ^_~

  2. Butt cakes and kitten ass. Rite good show lad.

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