The things that happen when I am gone for a  day

I’ve been sick for the past 2 weeks with an on again/off agin bitch of a cold, so unfortunately I’ve been out of the office as of late. Basically an annoying sore throat has put me out of commission, mainly due to the fact that I have to talk to do my job. Sore Throat ≠ Good Service CSR. Anyway, I’ve been in and out , and today was one of the days in which I felt like crap in the morning, so I decided I should stay home to try and get better. I ended up going to Urgent Care for some treatment, after the insurance agency my company is with was unwilling/unable to get me in to see a regular GP.  It was really quick though, one of the quickest doctors visits I’ve had, actually.

So I go in with the expectation that a) I’ve got Strep throat, and that’s why my throat hurts so bad, and b) I’m gonna need to get some antibiotic to deal with the crap. It actually ends up that I just have a very persistent Virus, and the doc would proscribe something for the pain. When the doc left, I figure that he’d come back with some prescription strength Tylenol, or at least  a minor analgesic. Nothing doing.

Guy comes back with a Vicodin prescription. Essentially, swatting a mosquito with a bazooka.

I thought it was a clerical error , but truth is they thought it was best for my situation, so that I could get some rest. Anway, I end up going home, and around 6:20, before I’m about to pop my first pill and float off into Never Never Land while watching Pink Floyd’s The Wall, I get a phone call from my boss. I have Jersey (my wife) answer it because my voice suck right now and I don’t want to have a lengthy conversation if I can avoid it.

She starts becoming excited and incredulous over the phone, and ends up giving me the phone because I “HAVE TO HEAR THIS”…I thought that I was in trouble, or something.  But what I heard was something out of a movie…

Apparently, some customer at the store today, drove up and then THROUGH THE STOREFRONT, TAKING OUT THE SALES COUNTER, AND DESTROYING THE LARGE COMPUTER DISPLAY TABLE!!! Some old guy in a Chevy malibu rammed his car through our front door, and didn’t stop until after he nearly killed a customer and 2 employees. Thankfully, I was not there, but why does this kind of shit alway happen when I’m gone? I’m sure this was one of those “Best for me not to be there so I had no chance of being hurt” types of things, but how ridiculous would it have been to see it in person? Espcially from my perfect vantage point of looking directly at the front door? Crazy. Anyway, for those of you who think I speak lies, or want to see proof, well here’s the pudding.


EDIT: My corporate higher-ups asked if I would take down the footage. So, if you want to see a car crashing into the mac store, I’m sure you can find it in the other 500 places it’s been posted online. Sorry, would rather not lose my job over something like this.


~ by jyhash on February 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “The things that happen when I am gone for a  day…”

  1. I even saw the inside and the aftermath, and I still can’t believe it… Jeezus…

  2. Dude, it was so crazy intense. we are so very very lucky. Michelle and Brooke are okay, thank God.

  3. …cant…stop..watching..loop..of …crash

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