Well, apparently my career isn’t in shambles… yet

•February 21, 2009 • 3 Comments

So, surfing around the internet, I decided to look up one of what I thought was a failed endeavour of mine that I partook in this past September. As some of you may recall, I was cast as a couple of voices in a homegrown animated short film called “Conservative Ninjas”. I ended up garnering 2 roles: Patches, the crazy piratesque leader of a grunge type anarchist group, and Hawk, a no-holds barred Cockney punk bloke who loved to beat on people with his forehead. I recorded both roles in one afternoon, in a rather makeshift setting, and was paid handsomely for my time…but never really heard anything more about it. Granted this was a labor of love for the Producer/Director, and if you’re the only one working on an animated film, that can be a time consuming project.

Either way, I hadn’t heard very much before around X-mas, when I got a quickie message from the director saying that there was a short clip of the film online. This is what  was sent: Continue reading ‘Well, apparently my career isn’t in shambles… yet…’


Sorry folks, my bad…

•February 6, 2009 • 2 Comments
What Have I done???

What Have I done???

I feel the need to repost here concerning the prior post that upon second reading seemed like I inferred that no one wants to talk to me any more and that there are certian people out there that are negligent in calling me. That surely was not my intent.

I was attempting to overblow a situation to make a comment on the state of communication as a whole in our society today, not a slam against my friends and blog readers for not keeping in touch. Obviously attempting to use sarcasm, and faux chastisement, to put forward my opinion failed miserably and upon second reading, I realize there are some examples and wording that could’ve been taken personally by some, and I am most definitely contrite in saying that I should have edited more throughly.

So, there’s only so many ways to say it: SORRY FOLKS! My Bad. Wont happen again. Please realize that this blog is just getting it’s legs and whereas in the past I’ve posted personal perpectives on my life, I’m trying to go for a broader range now, and the next subject I hope will not be so caustic amongst the people I care about.

That being said, please continue to visit the blog. Please! It can only go uphill from here and I’m really trying to start somehting worthwhile.

Thanks for your continued (reader/friend)ship.


What, have you lost my phone number or something?

•February 6, 2009 • 6 Comments
I am slowly appraching the arrival of this message...

I am slowly appraching the arrival of this message...

I’ve recently be questioning myself about something: Why do I bother having a phone anymore? I never get any important phone calls, and even fewer unexpected ones. I don’t know if it’s that I’m not worth talking to or that people would rather just not talk to me by other electronic communication means, but for my cellphone plan? A frakkin’ joke.

If you were to look at my cellphone bill (which I’d be more than happy to thrust in your lap if you decided you’d like to contribute to its payment), you’d see that the bulk of what is used for my phone is SMS and e-Mail with some net browsing thrown into the mix. And the minutes, not only would have more rollover minutes that I actually used that month, but there is no plan LOW enough for me to switch to on AT&T! Continue reading ‘What, have you lost my phone number or something?’

Suffering from a recent case of “You Suck”….

•January 22, 2009 • 1 Comment

Lately, I’ve been plagued with the aforementioned malady. Being someone who is at the crux of their life, needing to grab it by it’s

Watching my life drift by...

Watching my life drift by...

broad horns and wrangling it for all it’s worth, I am seemingly failing miserably. For those of you who may not know, I spent a great deal of the past 10 years forming myself into someone who wishes to entertain, and to be known for his talents. As of late that has fallen by the wayside in favor of a very routine and sedentary existence.

I was very active, in my later High School years, in speech and debate; something that earned me (I’m very proud to admit) numerous accolades and made my name somewhat feared in certain circles whenever I entered a competition in my usual events. Continue reading ‘Suffering from a recent case of “You Suck”….’

Age old question: The Star Destroyer VS. The Enterprise…who would win?

•October 5, 2008 • 1 Comment
I'll try not to screw her so loud as to interrupt your forum...

I promise not to Frak her so loud as to interrupt your quoroum...

I found a recent posting on Gizmodo that was like dangling the ultimate juicy carrot in front of geeks, only to be spurred on by the photo attached here. I had nothing going on today, so I figured I’d post a frakkin’ ESSAY on the subject. For those of you as obsessed as I: Enjoy. For those of you who will just shake your head and laugh: feel free to post your snarky remark in the comments section.

I think it comes down to 3 separate factors: Maneuverability, Technology, Commander in Charge.

Continue reading ‘Age old question: The Star Destroyer VS. The Enterprise…who would win?’